If God Had A House
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If God had a house in your neighborhood, what would it be like? How would it feel?

Chances are it would not be what most of us think or expect. 

We have a Father Who LOVES His kids and is constantly pursuing His sons and daughters. 

If we could walk into our Father's house on our neighborhood corner I believe we would hear stories being told as we walk by the porch swing. I believe we would all have our picture framed and hanging in His hallway. "The Son's room" would open doors to each of our rooms each being full of and decorated with the passions and dreams He created us with. 

We would be able to smell hope like a pie freshly baking in the oven. The table would have room for us all--always--and the fridge would be a never ending portal to each of our favorite dishes and treats. Our Father would utilize every part of the home as an invitation of love, connection and generosity. His home is decorated with the nations that sit at His table. As we enter, we become the walls, His nature the unending ceiling. As far as we will go to stretch His house, His family and His nature around others, the bigger His family grows.

"If God had a house" is the question...together, we are the answer.


A Family Structure

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David wanted to build God a house.

And if anyone ever had the purest motives to do so (worship, presence, intimacy) it was David. Yet, God still told David no. Why? In 2 Samuel 7:11 God told David, "I will make YOU a house." 

That word "house" has two meanings.

1. A Physical structure (a building or place)

2. A Family structure (a lineage, descendants, heritage). 

Is it possible that we are still consumed with building God a physical structure while He is intent on making us into a family structure? While we fight over land or the divisions in the house is He actually trying to restore and grow His family? 

In the Garden of Eden their purpose was to be fruitful and multiply. When the world was devastated by a flood God used one family of Noah to keep hope alive. When it was time to re-start God did so through Abraham, a "father of nations." He redeemed family on the fields of Boaz and Ruth who were the great grandparents of David. And through David we have the line of Christ, Jesus the Son of God sent to make us sons and daughters. The Holy Spirit then arrived on scene so we would not be left as orphans. And now, as God has done since creation, He wants us to rebuild the divide in His house and the hurts in the world, through family. 

How can your life, home, church or workplace grow God's legacy of "family?"


Becoming Our Father's House



"If God had a house"...

...is simply the question; your life and love will be the answer. All of us, like every child in every family, will reveal the Father, His house and His family in a different way as we illuminate the unique piece of His heart that He entrusted to us. What inspired Him to create you and I was freely given, but it is up to us to bring that part of Him to life so the world can know Him for Who He really is. 

Becoming our Father's house is not about duplicating a model, it is about reproducing the DNA of the Father through our lives, and our love. 

We're not building an organization, we are inspiring a renovation, a rebuilding or a reformation if you will by asking a question.

Simply, and profoundly, we want to reveal the Father's nature because our dream is to be able to say, as Jesus did, "If you've seen me you have seen the Father."