If God Had A House
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The LeTourneau Family

Family photo- K's wedding.jpeg

Joey, Destiny, Anna, Ayni, Mercy, Galilee, William and Aliyah.

Ever heard of The Swiss Family Robinson?

Well, some have told us our family faith adventures could be called similar—full of wild “But God” stories while looking to unearth His hidden treasures from within people, places and new possibilities. In the midst of such, we are learning to trust Him more and more each day.

One of our main stops was in Ethiopia for 3 years walking and working on the streets, watching God grow His family in a grass roots movement among some of the most poor, broken and hurting. To watch those the world sees as the least become leaders and agents of change in their culture was, and is, the ultimate joy!

They became family.

Besides Ethiopia, we've lived just outside Bethlehem and have been blessed to travel extensively around the globe. The adventure hasn't just been where we've traveled, but how. And to do so with our kids, watching them learn to trust God in their own personal way has been both the hardest and best thing possible. 

We travel, speak, write, create, love, cry, hope and love to empower others! And as a family, we are passionate about rebuilding the family of God. After all, He is an Everlasting Father Who has always been all about His family.