Love Sees Differently

Love Sees Differently


Love Sees Differently brings to light counter cultural ways of mission, challenging each person to see God, others, themselves, and missions through renewed eyes. Mission starts with our perspective, and these pages will challenge you to desire God's perspective even more than your own. This is a transformative journey for the individual whose heart burns to "Go", as well as a helpful tool for teams to utilize during preparation, or on the trip together. Jesus Himself said, "I can do nothing of myself, but what I see the Father do." Our heart posture must be the same. 


 Love Sees Differently will help you to:

- Join the Father where He is moving 

- See people the way God sees them 

- Break the cycle of poverty in our lives, as well as others 

- Discover identity in mission 

- Empower others from great poverty to growing purpose 

When we let go of our mission, we'll discover the even greater joy of His!


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