The Life Giver

The Life Giver


Life is waiting! Tap into the Life Giver Himself and begin to give life more abundantly. Then share it! The whole world is your family in need. 

Jesus passed the torch to today’s believers. Wherever you are, whoever you are—opportunities abound to be fruitful, multiply, and give hope to God’s lost, broken, and hurting children. The Life Giver helps you to: See life with new vision, expectation, and purpose. See daily interactions and opportunities to “Give life” to others. See others through the family of God with redeeming love. Connect and overflow with the Life Giver Himself. Tap into the creative and revelatory power of God. 

The same creative life-giving power that has been breathed into you by The Life Giver, must be breathed out through you to a world gasping for fresh, heavenly air.

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