If God Had A House
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If God had a house in your neighborhood, what would it be like? 

Most of us grew up in a neighborhood with one of those homes where everyone naturally gathered; a place where the lights were always on, the table always full, the fridge constantly open and everyone felt welcomed like family. I believe this is what our heavenly Father’s house would be like. Every taste, smell and room would be another way our amazingly good Father would communicate the kind of abundant love He’s freely made available through The Son.

On this 40-day journey we need to go past the mind and straight to the heart through all five senses. It’s time for a fresh encounter with God, and a lasting impression of His true nature; a renewed place to build His house from.

Let’s give the world a new experience with the Father to remember Him by, and we might even need one for ourselves!

About the Author:

Joey LeTourneau, his wife Destiny, and their six children are based in central California. They have lived and traveled all over the world looking to unearth the treasures God has hidden in people, places and new possibilities. Joey is the author of seven books and together they speak, train and empower others to see God’s worldwide family restored—one heart at a time.

Endorsements of "If God Had A House"

"In this incredible creative book from God’s heart, Joey invites us on a 40 journey into, “If God had a House” what would His house look like? In every experience of God’s house you are in for a real treat!  Whether it’s the Son’s room where you feel like you “belong, the kitchen where you learn to “eat with faith”, the two Stairways which will surprise you, or the master suite of “first love”, there is something very special awaiting just for you!

Joey has not just written a well thought out blueprint of a book but has beautifully crafted a compilation of priceless moments and revelations of his personal history with God. If God Had a House is so rich with God’s aroma, presence, wisdom and love. I pray this God-journey through these rooms and pages will be life-giving and life-impacting for you!

For your benefit, please have a box of tissue close by, you may find yourself needing it. 

Let the adventure begin..." 

- Jason Chin

Founder of Love Says Go Ministries - Basel, Switzerland

Love Says Go Academy - Online School of Supernatural Ministry

Author of Love Says Go

"The author Joey LeTourneau has issued an invitation to the house and heart of God.  I strongly advise you to take the journey, beginning as soon as possible. My advice rests on the following observations.

1. The author has made his journey and he knows where he is going.

2. The business of Jesus, stated when he was twelve years old, was he must attend to the Father's house.

3. The Father is all about his house, his work and his kingdom!

4. All of us are part of this house; We have the honor, empowered together as a family to represent Heaven on Earth.

The next forty days get ready to receive, become and release the presence and person of God." 

- Leif Hetland

President, Global Mission Awareness

Author, Giant Slayers

"I just got done reading Joey LeTourneau’s book, “If God Had a House,” and could not put it down. Joey has a unique ability to bring the reader off the page and into an experience with the Builder of a house so warm, loving and full of hope. This book is so much more than a good story. It is an invitation to find the home our hearts long for. A must read for anyone wanting to experience the Father’s heart."

- Lisa Max

Director, Let the Children Fly, LLC

"In this 40-day journey of discovery, you will find yourself coming to know your God in, “If God Had a House.” In this quest, YOUR QUEST, you will learn to LOVE how much GOD LOVES HIS FAMILY and what a great part of His family you are!  For most of us, that makes this fresh book not just important —-but NECESSARY! Get it. You Need it!" 

- Steve Shultz


"What would it look like if Jesus physically came to your neighborhood and built a house and lived there? Is it possible to experience the Father’s kindness through the physical, tangible world we all know so well? How would unbelievers respond if we could deeply and passionately show love in such a way that they truly felt invited to become an integral part of a loving family living in the warmth and security of “God’s house”—so that everything in them would cry out “I want to be part of this family?”

In this winsome and accessible book, Joey LeTourneau speaks to that concept, as he also delves deeply into the very heart of the Father in his original intent for creating humankind. He takes the reader on a forty-day journey to explore the ways we can be a part of the glorious enterprise of building such a dwelling. Through Scripture and personal stories, Joey explores the truth that God is building his house in his way, and his priority and eternal passion is for family.

So, step out from your busy thoroughfare and the jostle of the crowds, and turn aside to the path that leads to your Father’s house. 

You know the way."

- Jeffrey & Kathi Pelton

Inscribe Ministries